Creaking Beds Are Culprit for Chronic Back Pain

Creaking noise comes from worn-out springs of an old mattress. They are a sure sign of poor support and often lead to dull aches and pains. When the coils are unable to support your weight properly, they distort your natural spinal alignment. As a result, a lot of stress usually develops around the back and neck area.  

Terrible aches and pains may develop and persist if you keep using the sagging mattresses. People with chronic back pain usually have a history of disturbed sleep and fatigue. Moreover, this weird creaking sound interrupts your sleep every time you move whereas the lack of support and discomfort makes you toss and turn several times during the night.

This vicious cycle affects your sleep quality profoundly, and you wake up tired devoid of any energy. You can reclaim your sleep and improve chronic back pain symptoms only by buying a new supportive mattress.

Creaking Beds Are Culprit for Chronic Back Pain

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