Understanding the Latex process

Dun-lop (Standard) During the Dun-lop (Standard) process, harvested rubber milk is frothed to add air (like mixing egg whites). The more the latex is frothed, the softer the latex. After mixing, it’s poured into sealed molds that are cooked to produce a finished foam slab – much like baking a cake. The bubbles created during the mixing process aren’t connected and when pressure is applied to the foam, air in those bubbles is compressed, creating a firm but buoyant feeling Talalay Latex Talalay latex is processed similarly to Dun-lop, but the molds are very different. Thousands of pins inside the molds create air channels that increase breath-ability and conform-ability of the finished product. As well, an additional step of flash freezing before the cooking process ensures the stability of the air channels when the foam is made into a mattress

Understanding the Latex process

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