Worn-Out Mattress Increases Allergy Risk

An old mattress in your bedroom highly contributes to allergies. Imagine hundreds of dust mites lodged inside the foams, eating off your dead skin cells, body oil, and dust particles. They are heaven for dust mites, aren’t they?

And, do you know dust mites are the primary cause of asthma and many skin allergies? A few of the common symptoms of dust mite allergies are pimples, dry skin, nasal congestion, and runny nose.

Allergies are a real threat for people with sensitive skin or asthma risk. Old people, kids, or anyone with a weak immunological system is at greater risk and must ensure allergen-free fresh mattresses. Getting a new, germ-resistant eco-friendly mattress is the best way to avoid allergies. Clean it often, and use mattress protectors to block the dust.

Worn-Out Mattress Increases Allergy Risk

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