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Frequently Asked Questions

We manufacture world class and high quality spine care mattresses. 

Orthopedic memory foam is made from harsh chemicals to make it fire resistant. They have been known to be hotter than normal mattresses because they cradle your body and the dense foam retains heat.

Our blended latex has better cooling, its resilient, improves back support, Motion, Allergy friendly evenly distributing body weight, sleeping is a very subjective experience and might vary from individual to individual depending on their sleep style.

It's a blessing for individuals with spine condition. Our Sarvotham's Spine Care Mattress is a purpose full mattress unlike the regular commercial mattress. It is manufactured to serve a purpose. Sarvotham is a trusted name in Non-Invasive spine care since 1982 we understand your wellbeing.

Yes it's recommended rotate every 3 months to get optimal benefit.

It's not a requirement to clean if you use a good mattress protector.

Yes in comparison to others available in the market.

No its free across India.

Yes it is, it does not have any sharp edges / springs. It is not waterproof / resistant so we recommend a mattress protector.

Every mattress manufactured undergoes a rigorous quality check before despatch to maximise customer satisfaction.

100% we can kindly mail your requirement to support@sarvothams.com.

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